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Fire Cracker Ocean Sail Fish Regatta

  • 07/15/2017
  • 9:55 AM
  • Ocean

Saint Lucie Sailing Club, Stuart, Florida

FIRE CRACKER OCEAN SAIL-FISH REGATTA, Saturday    July 15, 2017   Warning Signal:   9:55 AM



The Organizing Authority (OA) will be the Saint Lucie Sailing Club (SLSC).

2- VENUES - The venue will be in the ocean between St. Lucie Inlet to Mark “14”

3- ENTRIES - Entry will be limited to skippers who are members of the SLSC or other recognized club and who have obtained the appropriate handicap from the SLSC Handicapper.  Boats with skippers who do not belong to a club may be entered if approved by the SLSC Race Captain. 

4- RULES - The event will be governed by the rules defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), including US Sailing Prescriptions.


The FIRE CRACKER OCEAN SAIL-FISH REGATTA is a cruise race that will be a one-day race with a course from St. Lucie Inlet mark “2” to mark “14” off the power plant and return. It will be consisting of one race, one class, one start.  The race will be scored using SLSC-supplied handicaps and the US Sailing PHRF time-on-distance method.

6- FISHING CONTEST - To make things interested it will also be a fishing contest for the largest and most fish caught. Club members with powerboats are welcome to participate in the Fishing Contest but must also follow the sailing course.

7- COURSE - Start between St. Lucie Inlet R”2”buoy and start boat. Then north to R”14 leaving to port then south to Finish at St. Lucie Inlet passing R”2” to starboard and direct line connecting east end of south rock jetty. 

 It is important for your safety that you notify me with your information if you intend to participate in this race.  For additional information, contact the SLSC Race Committee Chairman  Mike Brescher – mikebrescher@yahoo.com