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Ours is a sailing club of sailing and boating enthusiasts. We do not own a clubhouse nor a marina, so our costs are quite reasonable. The boats in the club range from small day sailors and racers to 50 foot cruisers and multihulls. Yet it does not matter if you own a boat or not. Many of our members do not own boats and routinely serve as crew members on other people’s boats.

We meet once a month – normally the first Monday of the month at the Palm City Recreation Center If that happens to be a holiday, the meeting is cancelled and we normally have a social event early that month.  We also have formal races and cruises about eight times a year as well as beer can races 3 Saturdays each month.

If you need information about this website or the St Lucie Sailing Club please contact  Asta Poirier at 772-209-0283 or stluciesc@gmail.com.

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From the Commodore

 Newsletters  -   July 2020     

From the Acting Commodore    

What a contrast these last few weeks have been to what the weather was like before that.  Don’t know about the rest of you but I thought I was going to grow fins the weather was so wet.   Now we are back to normal summer weather with afternoon storms followed by heat to dry up the excess of rain water.  But I digress. 

The Saint Lucie Sailing Club is thriving even through stormy weather and the COVID-19 Virus.  Our membership has grown to the highest it has been for a long time and the number of boats taking part in the races has exceeded anything seen before.   Just last Saturday for the beer can race we had nine boats taking part.   It is a shame that we have still not been able to bring together the Members for our monthly meetings but we may be getting closer.   It has been determined that using Zoom or any other internet meeting was not a viable option, BUT at the Bridge meeting we held a couple of days ago other ways were discussed.  We have Bridge members looking for Open Air places where we may be able to hold a meeting.  Locks Landing Park being one.  The parking lot at the church where we were supposed to hold the meetings, being another.  Whatever is decided we will still have to continue following CDC Guidelines, if not for your own protection, for the safety of others who may be more susceptible to the virus.   With a growth in positive virus reports being reported in Florida we don’t want our members to be on those reports.  Whatever is found or decided we may also have to provide our own seating.

One of our Bridge members, Susan Strickland, came across something which may be of interest to a number of you.  One of our members from a couple of years ago, Eric Dove, sailed off with his wife Lauren and their young son Rivers, to the Carribean.  Click on the link to listen to a new song of his and see how they are doing.  Nice sunset view of tropical places to take everyone's mind far away from pandemic reality and into a happier place.


James Arthur

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