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Ours is a sailing club of sailing and boating enthusiasts. We do not own a clubhouse nor a marina, so our costs are quite reasonable. The boats in the club range from small day sailors and racers to 50 foot cruisers and multihulls. Yet it does not matter if you own a boat or not. Many of our members do not own boats and routinely serve as crew members on other people’s boats.

We meet once a month – normally the first Monday of the month at the Palm City Recreation Center If that happens to be a holiday, the meeting is cancelled and we normally have a social event early that month.  We also have formal races and cruises about eight times a year as well as beer can races 3 Saturdays each month.

If you need information about this website or the St Lucie Sailing Club please contact  Asta Poirier at 772-209-0283 or stluciesc@gmail.com.

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From the Commodore


From the Commodore                  

April/May Log -Despite a parade of cold fronts, March saw a lot of activity and participation. We had a terrific turnout of 9 boats for the Don Ellis Regatta. I hope this is an indication of things to come. There was also a wonderful St Patrick’s Day social hosted by Susan Brigida. Sadly, Susan will be leaving the area for New York soon. We will miss the great job she has done as Vice Commodore. Thankfully James Arthur has volunteered to assume Susan’s duties for the remainder of the year with on-line assistance from Mynders Glover. Many thanks to these gentlemen for stepping up.

Coming up in April is the Spring Fling Regatta on the 21st and an overnight cruise to Nettle’s Island on the 14th and 15th. Its been a while since we’ve done one of these so I’m looking forward to it. This is part of my effort to have more on the water activities. Stay tuned for details on both these events.

Our program for the April meeting will feature a video on cruising the Abacos to whet our appetites for the Abaco Regatta coming up in late June.

Meanwhile, let’s have fun on the water.

Joe Sawyer, SLSC Commodore 

For questions about the website please contact Adrienne Jalowsky (webmaster) at stluciesailingclub@att.net

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A Focus on Learning Boating Safety by Captain Karen Hermanson

The SLSC is establishing an ongoing conversation about boating safety.  Nationally, boating deaths are increasing by 11% per year, with the vast majority occurring in inland waters or rivers, similar to that in which our club members sail.  We dedicated November’s program to focus on various elements of Prevention, Protection and basic Man Overboard procedures.  At the February Meeting we will demonstrate the use of the LifeSling, and at the March meeting we will demonstrate how to set up a Block & Tackle properly to lift a victim from the water.

All this training will culminate on March 24, 2018 when we will be practicing all components of a rescue under real life circumstances.  Member boats will rescue a person from a dinghy in the water and the crew will be observed by a trained observer.  Our progress will be monitored so that our future training can continually be improved and our skills will continue to grow.   Other activities will be planned to keep safety as an important ongoing conversation in the minds of all members so that we can enjoy an active sailing life and feel confident in preventing, or successfully dealing with any accidents that may occur.

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